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Darya's Story

Darya is a naturalist artist equally in love with the minutia of the garden as with the vastness of the sea. Her St. Augustine, FL studio and frequent travels around the coast and the world enable Darya to paint from observation, plein-aire, as well as from her own gardening, fishing, and flower arranging activities.

Darya began studying art with a private teacher at the age of 6 in the Ukraine. After moving to the United States, she continued studying art with renown fine artist, Inga Vereschagina in her Sun Queen Art Studio. Darya continued studying art when she moved away first to Charlottesville, VA to attend University of Virginia, and then later to the coast. During her studies, Darya explored all 2D mediums available to her including acrylics, oils, watercolors, ink, pencil, chalk and oil pastels, collage, and digital art. She also developed her own techniques for paper mache and wire sculpture which she used to create unique sculptures, costume pieces, and jewelry.

Darya uses mixed media and 2D techniques to create unique and colorful pieces that are both aesthetically pleasing and therapeutic. Through their artwork she explores the beauty of nature and its profound effect on human experience. She strives to create art that evokes emotion and captures the spirit of the natural world. As an avid gardener and outdoors woman, Darya is able to dive deep into the nature of nature to create art that reveals hidden details of her subjects.

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